47-Produkties was found in the summer of 2012 by Mark van der Meulen. Since than it developed itself into a stable company which works for a growing group of clients.
We have worked on various projects in different roles.
We have splitted the company into two divisions, lights in all its magnificent aspects, from design to build and control. And rigging, where we can assist your projects with the load in and load out on the floor and in the roof and lifting roof constructions

Since the start we had the pleasure to work for a lot of clients and very interesting projects. We made lighting designs for various theatrical plays and events, programmed lighting rigs in various sizes from very small to very big, and assisted the rigging crew to build some of the biggest shows around the world.

Interested on how we can make your show an eye-catching event? Feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form of by mail: info@47-produkties.nl