An often heard question is: do you really know what all those buttons do?

No we don't, due to the complexity of the modern lighting consoles its virtually impossible to know all in and outs of those consoles.
But we work hard to learn and understand every aspect of the lighting consoles and media servers we work with, this gives us the best possibility to create dazzling shows. Our operators are highly skilled and capable of setting up show networks and control all kinds of fixtures and mediaservers. If needed we can provide consoles to program and run the show.

We work preferably on GrandMA2 consoles but can also work on GrandMA1, Hog 2,3,4 and ETC Eos,Gio,Ion consoles. Besides these consoles we can provide Coolux mediaservers to control and integrate video or images in the show. We can also provide show specific tools like timecode generators, audio interfaces, MA- and Artnet-nodes