Lighting is a very important part of every show, it doesn't matter what kind of show, without lighting there is simply nothing to see, and thats the part were we come is, we can create lighting designs for both theatre as well as corporate and festival settings. If needed we can provide a lighting design as well as all
the necessary paperwork to get the production going .

How does it work:
There are some steps to make before the audience sees an event/theatrical play/show, here a description on how we like to work

First Contact
In person, by mail or phone, we have a little talk about the initial ideas, needs and wishes for a show, after that we have an idea of what we can expect and can start to work on a concept

The concept is a very raw sketch of our ideas, based on input from the information provided in the first contact. This concept gives an idea on what to expect during the event, but also gives an impression on costs for then production

Pre Production
After the concept we dive in to the actual design, together with a show director we work our way through a show, from moment to moment, create drawings to smooth the building proces, changes plans when necessary, create material sheet/shop orders and request quotes from our rental partners. Also the calculation of power requirements, dmx parameters and cables is done in this step. If needed our operators can start programming from this point, they can create a show file which is almost ready to run the show on location. Our operators are capable of programming a show in a way that only a few parameters need correction so that expensive time on location can be brought to a minimum. When needed timecode synchronised can be programmed in advance and be corrected at the venue

Load in
When all the paperwork is done we can start building the show, we build the lights according to plan

When then load in is done our operators can do their magic. When composing a theatre play this will take a bit longer due to the various disciplines which need to work along each other which in some cases may take a few days, for a festival programming can be done in a few hours.

The doors are open, the audience comes in, we are ready for the show. During the show we operate the lighting desk, mediaservers, or just be standby to fix malfunctions of the rig.

Load out
After the show everything needs to be cleaned up, fixtures need to go back in their cases, cables are rolled up, all technical equipment goes back to the supplier.

A few day after the show we will get in touch to evaluate the project, we talk about the things that went well, but also about the things that didn't run smooth to ensure that those things can be solved before a new project

For a reference of our designs, have a look at the