In addition to the investment of our GMA3 Commandwing kit we have made another investment in MA hardware. This time we have chosen to invest in a Viz Key which allows us to use the maximum of parameters (250000) in a GrandMA3 session to be programmed from a Commandwing in a visualiser like WYSIWYG or Depence 3. As a bonus we can use the Viz Key to add an additional 512 parameters to the 4096 parameters of the Commandwing.


For the 12th year in a row we had the pleasure to create the lighting design for the endshows of the Musicall Factory Adults which took place in the house theatre of Factorium Tilburg. Besides that we also made a lighting design for the performances of the young adults of the Musicall Factory which took place at theatre De Leest in Waalwijk, the Netherlands.
We have made the lighting design, created the necessary paperwork. Build the lighting rig
, as well as programmed the show on our own GrandMA3 Commandwing system. We also provided all the sACN distribution and video control systems.


To keep up with the ever evolving lighting industry we invested in our first MA Lighting GrandMA3 onPC solution. We invested in a GrandMA3 onPC Commandwing which enables us to learn the new console philosophy of GrandMA3 but are also capable of pre programming shows in advance because of the 4096 parameters available.


To smoothen our preproduction proces we invested in the WYSIWYG Report software. This software allows us to create clear drawings and the relevant paperwork for upcoming projects


Commissioned by the Tim-Group we were responsible for the lighting design and programming for the show Jack The Ripper at the Vasim Hall in Nijmegen the Netherlands. A show created by Musical Makers.
A mix of Martin Mac 250 wash, Chauvet Maverick MK2 wash and GLP Spot One where used to light the show, all programmed on a Roadhog4

PICTURES by Jolande van den Bosch