To keep up with the ever evolving lighting industry we invested in our first MA Lighting GrandMA3 onPC solution. We invested in a GrandMA3 onPC wing which enables us to learn the new console philosophy of GrandMA3 but are also capable of pre programming shows in advance because of the 2048 parameters available.


To smoothen our preproduction proces we invested in the WYSIWYG Report software. This software allows us to create clear drawings and the relevant paperwork for upcoming projects


Commissioned by the Tim-Group we were responsible for the lighting design and programming for the show Jack The Ripper at the Vasim Hall in Nijmegen the Netherlands. A show created by Musical Makers.
A mix of Martin Mac 250 wash, Chauvet Maverick MK2 wash and GLP Spot One where used to light the show, all programmed on a Roadhog4

PICTURES by Jolande van den Bosch


JEANS 2019-2020

This theatre season we are touring the Dutch theatres with a new show by The Magic Of Jeans, Heartbeat
Commissioned by Relight Group we are responsible for the lighting during this tour. We created the paperwork based on the design by Martijn Satter. We also provided our ELC stage rack and DP8000 rack for controls.
The rig is equipped with various fixtures by Chauvet Professional and controlled by a Roadhog4. The show is completely timecoded so we also provided some Rosendahl Mif4 Timecode Clocks



The festival season is in full swing this year, and that means busy times here at 47-Produkties.
We had the pleasure to work on various projects for various commissioners. We provided assistance on projects like Concert at Sea, 7th Sunday Festival, Harmony of Hardcore, Openlucht spektakel Harderwijk, and spend almost two weeks in theatres in Tilburg for the Musicall Factory were we lit up the performances for both the adults and junior departments. After a well spend holiday we continue to work on other projects
See you in the field