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Commisioned by Production Partners we took care of the rigging and lighting for Kingsland in the city of Groningen. Due to the design of the stage there was a need for a stucture to mount the decors so we started with the build of the truss structures on monday, then on wednesday we started on building the lighting. The set contained Robe Ledwash 1200, Clay Paky Stormy CC and Martin Mac Viper Profiles together with a bunch of Showtec Cat-Eye blinders and Qled CW-5 all controlled by two GrandMA2 Light consoles

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Commissioned by Relight Group we have made a lighting design for the Prolyte booth at the largest fair for event technology, the Pro Light & Sound at the Messe Frankfurt
We made a lighting design consisting almost 150 fixtures to provide the best possible attention to the presented products. Besides that we did the technical preparations of the lighting, created the necessary paperwork and provided control solutions for both lighting and video

We provided two of our QLab Systems for playout of the video content and created the necessary pixelmaps. For lighting control we provided an MA2onPC system running 6 universes into our ELC node and splitter rack.

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Last week we finished the build of our new front of house rack. This compact solution based around two ELC Node4 offers us maximum flexibility for distributing Artnet/sACN from the front of house to the stage. The eight physical dmx inputs can convert dmx into a network based control protocol which is than send onto the network by redundant connections. Besides the eight inputs the rack also contains eight outputs which can be configured to output different universes than the inputed ones
The switch is preconfigured with four virtual lans to distribute multiple inputs from front of house without interfering each other. This way its also possible to run console specific networks on the same network.
All connections of the nodes are still available at the back of the rack so its still possible to use the RS-232,Midi and/or GPIO connections when needed

IMG_9045. IMG_9046


Commissioned by Relight Group we started last september with the theatre tour of Jeans, A brand new day
We programmed the show on a Roadhog4 and during the tour we are responsible for load in and load out and lighting control.